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Pin your stories to the map


Mapcast helps you to develop new horizons

MAPCAST is a multilingual application (audio guides include Chinese) that performs the function of a navigation system for people moving slowly (walking or cycling);
It is a social network for creating and sharing mapcasts (that is text, audio, video, photo contents) and travel experiences, change the reputation of mapcasts, helping the other users to choose the best places available.

With mapcast it is easy to develop new itineraries: with the Mapcast admin you can load and share location descriptions, audio and your suggested itineraries.

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Mapcast Zoom is your rear window

Mapcast Zoom can be your app with your brand and with your news and itineraries. But with your Mapcast Zoom app tourists can view and listen all mapcast contents. With Mapcast Zoom you can become the sponsor that enhances its territory.

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Mapcast allows you to participate

Mapcast is a social network that allows you to tell your stories about places to your friends.